Thursday, March 25, 2010

Denver, Phoenix, birthdays, kittens.....oh my!!

Well.....things have been pretty busy here in Kokopellie land. Nicky and Polar went to Denver and Phoenix. My Sean Thornton and Mary Kate Danaher celebrated their 12th birthdays, we have kittens everywhere and..........well.....there is more but I can't quite comment on it right now.

We'll start with Nicky and Polar in Denver. Nicky finaled in all but one ring and was 2nd Best Cat in show. Polar finaled in all but one ring and was Best Alter in show. Woohoo!! The show was great. The Colorado Cats Club did a fantastic job hosting. We ate at an incredible restaurant called Emil-Lenes....or something close to that. We can't wait for the regional in July/Aug.

Nicky, Polar and I went to Phoenix without Jon. More on the reason why at a later date. We did have kittens due, which is a good enough reason for Jon not to go, but we have even better reason coming.....:-) The show was a 16 ring show. Nicky finaled in 15 out of 16 and Polar finaled in 13 out of 16. Nicky was 2nd Best Cat in show and Polar was 2nd Best Alter in show. Woohoo again!! They did fantastic. Nicky showed/slept well the whole time. Yes...he slept through most of his judging and finals. LOL. Also got to go to my favorite restaurant, Bobby Qs. If you're ever in Phoenix try to go to Bobby Qs. It's quite possibly the best brisket I've ever eaten.

Kittens, kittens, kittens. We have kittens. Bobtails and now Siberians. All colors and sizes. We've had so many requests for kittens and they all came into heat at the same time......well....springtime!! Hopefully we'll be able to deliver some beautiful babies to their new homes in the upcoming months. There may even be a show baby or two in the litters. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

We have some interesting things happening here at Kokopellie that I should hopefully be able to brag about soon. Don't want to go jinxing anything.......

Two more shows for the season, Arcadia and Tucson. Love the Tucson show.

News and pictures of the babies has been posted on the Facebook page. I'm having trouble uploading pictures to FB today for some reason. Once they let me the newest pics will be posted.

meow for now...