Friday, March 5, 2010

Bobtail Love

I can't believe how much my life has changed in just 4 years. Four years ago on March 3rd, I was promised an exquisite bundle of fur. All I had to do was to promise to show him in at least 10 shows. The rest is history.

So Polar Express and I just celebrated the 4th anniversary of the day we met. I guess that means that Jon and I just celebrated the 4th anniversary of the day we met as well. This was also the beginning of Bobtail love.

Now remember, before Polar and PJ and Pony came into my life I did already have an American Bobtail. I just didn't know it at the time. Pierre came into my life in 1996, when he was just 3 weeks old. What a little cutie he was. Of course at the time we didn't know much about the breeds so we just kind of assumed he was some kind of Japanese Bobtail. He did look exactly like a J-Bob that was showing at the time, JB. So we just kind of assumed.

Pierre was a little different from other cats. He didn't meow. He made these cute little chirpy, chattery noises. Nothing Pierre did seemed accidental. Everything had a reason. He was like a little dog. He is very social, even when biting his cat sitters. :-) (that last part isn't very Am Bob like) LOL. I always knew Pierre was a little different. Even once I became aware of the American Bobtails, I didn't put two and two together. I thought Am Bobs only came in brown tabby. Little did I know!!

Once I moved to the SW Region my eyes were opened to something a little different. There was a gorgeous American Bobtail owned by a guy named Jon. This Am Bob was Snow Hawk. (Polar's uncle). What a gorgeous hunk of cat. But I was happily showing my Maine Coon, Finney.

Well.......around March of 2001, Finney's show career was coming to an end. I was desperately trying to Supreme him. He was enjoying it very much and I was getting frustrated. I had nothing else to show. Then came the Cabazon show.

On Saturday Jon went walking by with two of the cutest kittens I had ever seen. Polar and his brother Bear. I proclaimed how cute they were and Jon offered me Polar. I was left speechless and confused. Did people really offer cats for free? I figured I had misunderstood and that Jon would soon be telling me how much I would have to pay to own Polar. I didn't misunderstand. The deal was that I had to promise to show him in at least 10 shows. I promised. We made the deal that Jon was going to finish showing him in kitten class and that I would get Polar the next month to start showing as an Alter.

From the minute he put Polar into my arms I was hooked. This amazing little creature absolutely captivated me with those blue eyes of his. And....he was so well behaved. When I brought him home I put the carrier down, opened the door and said welcome. He walked out and head butted the first cat he saw, walked around and instantly moved in.

The first thing he did at bedtime was to crawl under the blanket and cuddle. I have since found out that his Mom, JJ, does the same thing. JJ kittens are undercover kitties.

I now had a second cat in the house that didn't meow. He just made these cute chirpy and chattering noises. Hmmm.....similarities? was decided that Pierre was an American Bobtail as well.

Then Painted Pony came to live with us. She was a Bobtail that didn't bob. She had a full tail. We showed her as a Household Pet. Painted Pony was our first International winner. She was 9th Best HHPK. Pony acted the same way as Polar and Pierre. Once Pony came into the house the real fun began. Now with three Bobtails we could have the Bobtail Olympics. They had lots of fun. They had climbing events, running events and jumping events.

Bobtails love company. They're social cats. Whether it be people or other cats. They love to be a part of a community. The more Bobtails the better. They run in a little pack.

After losing my Sundance, Jon sent PJ home to live with me. What joy and fun a pack of Bobtails bring to a home. They're clever, fun-loving little clowns. They have so much fun creating mischief that it's hard to be angry with them for knocking over a lamp. :-)

I have a pack of Bobtails that range in age from 2 years to 14 years. I wouldn't trade anything for this experience. Of course things are about to change just a bit. PJ now has a bride, Chocolat. Chocolat is expecting a litter of Easter babies. The pack is about to get bigger. At least temporarily..........

So four years ago is when Bobtail love truly hit me. I can't get enough of this wonderful breed. There will be more to come about these incredible balls of fluff....

meow for now,