Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The End of Season Wrap Up

I just knew I was asking for trouble when I named this the Daily Meow. I guess I was being overly ambitious at the time and truly thought I would have time or daily content. Oh can also catch us on Facebook for more up to the minute Kokopellie happenings.

Since the last post we've been to two more shows including the last show of the season in Tucson. We ended the season on a high note. Polar was Best Alter in Show, Nicky was Second Best Cat in show and I believe PJ was 8th Best Cat in Show. Between the three of them they brought home 42 finals. Woohoo!! 16 out of 18 for both Nicky and Polar and 10 for PJ. Not too shabby. We are mighty proud of the boys.

The kittens are growing fast and furious. Lots of cute little furballs in the group. There is some show potential in there. Our favorite, a brown classic torbie Siberian, Nicolette, will be going to live in CT and start her show career with Linda Levine. Nicolette is Nicky's daughter. She is the spitting image of him. Linda should do very well with her as a show kitty and later as a breeder. Keep watch here all summer. We'll be posting Nicolette updates.

We're still on kitten watch for PJ and Chocolat. Turns out she wasn't pregnant and we didn't have chocolate Easter kittens. :-( We're hoping that PJ hit his mark the second go around and that we will have early June chocolate kittens. Keep your fingers crossed.

Now....for the end of season wrap up........way to go Team Kokopellie!! We had 14 Team Kokopellie cats/kittens/alters showing this past season. In 25 shows they managed to bring home 399 finals and 37,846 points. Woohoo!!!! Not too shabby.

We have some great plans for this season. In our first show of the season we're bringing out a couple of our ladies. Kokopellies Sasha and Cooncreole Stalina. Sasha is Frosty's daughter and mother to Nicky. We have our eye on a little Siberian that we're currently calling Peter the Great and maybe a Bobtail or two. We have some very anxious people in England and France hoping for Kokopellie babies this season. Who knows.......we may go international this year. We will also have Bob showing. Bob is a seal lynx point Bobtail. He will be showing with Anthony Hutcherson for part of the season as Anthony is in the process of meeting his judging program requirements and wanted to show a Kokopellie baby. We'll also have Miss Nicolette showing in the MA region. And who knows where else.

I will do my best to keep a more up to date daily Daily Meow. We'll see!!!!

meow for now,