Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Albuquerque show and other updates

Well....we're back from Albuquerque. It was a long tiring weekend. Flying in for me, driving in for Jon. Poor Jon drove over 1800 miles to and from the show. Poor thing was pretty tired. Plus he had to show the cats himself on Friday as my flight didn't get in until 11:00.

The end result....it was worth going. First of all, Nicky couldn't go because of an eye injury. So we were able to substitute his sister, Alexandra. Well...the little adorable alternate took home 12 finals!! All total we brought home 47 finals including 5 best cat, kitten, or alter awards. Everyone got at least one best, Frosty got 2. I don't have the catalog with all the notes in it. Jon took it. I believe, if memory serves, PJ got 13 finals, Alexandra got 12 and Frosty and Polar each got 11. Something like that. Given that there were 4 Siberian kittens in attendance and 4 Siberian cats in attendance, we're pretty honored that the judges liked our cats enough to final them. They actually had a choice.

Jon had two litters born while he was on the road. A litter of Bengals were born on Wednesday and a litter of American Bobtails were born on Saturday. A litter of Siberians is due any day now from Sasha and Izzy should be due in a few weeks. It's an exciting time for us right now.

Can you believe that it's the end of October already? Where does the time go? The show season is half over with the toughest half yet to come. We'll be fighting for every final and point that we can get. But it will all be worth it when the dust settles and we have some cats in the top 25. The main one to get into the top 25 this season would be Polar. Frosty already has an IW, but another one wouldn't be too bad. Nicky and PJ probably won't make top 25, but we're sure going to try. We're definitely hoping for breed wins on everyone. Time will tell.

There is other exciting news that will be coming from the Kokopellie Cattery soon. I'll meow about it next week. It's something that we're really excited about. Can't wait to share it with everyone.

New updates will be on the website shortly. I'm hoping to re-do all the photos in the next few weeks. Some new pages will be published soon. I'm adding an "At the Show" page. It will show photos taken at the shows or on the way to and from the shows. I'm also going to add a page that shows all of Jon's show cats from the past. It's taking some time to gather all those pictures, titles and awards. Should be kind of fun and a walk down memory lane for Jon. I'm also going to try and create a photo page. I'll post all the old photos that I'm taking down from the site plus any others that we have. We love to share photos!!

And I'm thinking about another exciting new update for the website. Something that I haven't even told Jon about yet. It just came to me while typing this. I'll have to try it and see if it works first.

meow for now,

Friday, October 24, 2008

show this weekend and tribute to Jim Ashley

Well....it's show weekend again. What a shocker. This weekend is Albuquerque. Jon and the boys are already there. I'm flying out tonight after work. We did have a bit of a line up change for the weekend. Little Nicky apparently put his face too close to someone that he shouldn't have and got popped in the eye. :-( So.....he stays home. Taking his place in the line up is his sister Alexandra.

It should be a great weekend. There is a terrific lineup of judges, the weather is supposed to be beautiful and we're showing four wondeful cats. What more could you ask for? Oh...good friends as well. That helps to cap off a great weekend.

On a sad note......the cat fancy lost a valuable member this week. Jim Ashley of the Mid Pacific Region and husband to TICA Judge and Mid Pacific Regional Director, Linda Kay Ashley passed away on Monday. We heard at the Arcadia show this past weekend that he was in the hospital. There was even a get well card being circulated. On Monday we got the news that he passed away. It was definitely a shock. I just saw Jim a few weeks ago in Lodi. I got my final hug and kiss from him. Jim was a true treasure to the cat fancy and will be greatly missed.

There is a show this weekend in Pleasanton, CA, Jim's region. Many of our friends will be there participating in a celebration of Jim's life. In a way, I wish I could be at that show this weekend instead of Albuquerque, to take part in that celebration. But.....I am doing what Jim loved so much. I'm at a show, showing my beloved Polar. Life goes on.

Many people have their memories of Jim. A good many of us have been almost run over by Jim in his motorized wheelchair on numerous occasions. The sight of Jim and Dunn, zipping through the show hall is one I will never forget. The mischevious grin and laugh of his is something that I will never forget either. He was definitely a sweet man with a bit of the devil in him. I do mean that in a good way.

So here's to you Jim. Take good care of our kitties that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. We will miss you greatly in the show halls.

meow for now,

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm not crazy, it's hands free cat showing.....

This is what I was saying most of the weekend at the Lodi show. As most of you may know, California initiated a law and it went into effect on July 1st for hands free when talking on your cell and driving. You of course may text while driving but you may not hold the phone up to your ear. Anyways.....because of this law I had to get what I considered one of those dreaded bluetooth things. The little ear things that make people look like they're talking to themselves.

Well.....I have found the blue tooth to be most useful when I'm at a show that Jon isn't. This way I can keep my phone in my pocket, the blue tooth in my ear and show the cats. It's hands free cat showing. I can call and give him updates when the boys and I are out of town. It really is quite useful. Of course......with no phone in my hand and my hair covering the blue tooth, people have no idea that I'm calling in the show report. :-)

Christian came up to me at the show and said that I was either crazy or talking into my blue tooth. I'm not crazy. It's hands free cat showing. By being hands free I can now move freely about the show hall, carry multiple cats and catalog and still talk to Jon or Mom or whoever. Makes life a lot simpler.

So......I'm not crazy. It's hands free cat showing!!!

And once again I am without my boys. :-( They are at their Dad's until tomorrow. They've been there since Sunday after the Arcadia show. Jon and the boys leave for Albuquerque tomorrow. I fly in after work on Friday and meet up with them. So not too long of a separation this time. Thank God!!! The show in ABQ is a three day show. Hopefully I'll have plenty to meow about after the long weekend.

The show in Arcadia this past weekend was a normal show. The boys all took about half of their rings. Nothing too spectacular. There were some amazing cats in competition this past weekend. Very worthy of every final and every point that they earned.

meow for now,

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Updates on the boys

Wow....I didn't realize that it had been so long since I meowed about the babies. They all continue to do wonderful. We have a show this weekend, surprise, surprise and one next weekend in Albuquerque. I'm hoping to go to that one. We'll see.....But the boys and their Dad will definitely be there.

Nicky and PJ are growing like weeds. I was cuddling with PJ the other night. He was being so cute. He looked into my eyes and did his eskimo kiss thing that he does. He doesn't lick. He takes his nose and taps it all over my face. Way too cute. Anyways, we were cuddling and chatting. Actually, I was doing all the talking, as Bobtails, with the exception of Polar and a girl in heat, don't say much. I was telling him that he needed to stay little. That once he grows up and has big boy duties to attend to that he will need to go live with his Dad. :-( The original plan was to show him as an alter after Polar retires. But......PJ is developing way to nice to neuter him. We'll let him sire a few litters to see what he's capable of. If the kittens aren't the greatest, then off to the alter class he goes!!!!

After the wonderful showings that the boys have had the last four shows their place in the standings has really reflected this. Polar is currently sitting at #10. Frosty is #11, PJ #27 and Nicky #25. These are all internationally!! Within the region, they're all sitting top 3 and best in their breeds. Its has been incredible. It's like a never ending dream sometimes.

Our biggest hope this season is for Polar to get his International win. We'll just keep our fingers and paws crossed and hope for the best.

meow for now,

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

American Bobtails 22, Siberians 19

That is the score from this weekend in Lodi. Polar and PJ brought home 22 finals, Frosty and Nicky brought home 19. Yes....we had another great weekend. We brought home 41 finals out of a possible 80. We are still flying high on cloud nine.

As always, the competition was incredible. There were some truly remarkable cats in attendance. We even had a judge from France, Jean-Marc Legarde handle our cats this weekend. He has never handled them before. He was very impressed with the cats, particularly the Bobtails. He even asked for one of our cards to give to someone in England. Pretty exciting stuff. Overall the cats were well received by the judges. They had some very nice things to say about them during the finals.

It was a nice show as always. Lodi is a small, kind of nothing town, but they have a couple of really good restaurants. If you're ever there, check out Feed & Fuel or Back Bay. Both are incredible steak houses. Everyone looks forward to a visit to Feed & Fuel every show. The restaurant is decorated with movie memorabilia. They also have the restaurant broken down into movie sections. We sat in the Indiana Jones section this time. Really neat for movie buffs.

Any how.....the good fortune just keeps rolling along. Four shows in a row. To date, from the first show in May until now, we have 242 finals for all the cats we've shown. And the season is only half over!! I'm just keeping my fingers and toes crossed that this dream won't end.

It's kind of like The Polar Express. I have to admit, I have never read the book or seen the movie that my cat is named after. But....I did do some checking. Apparently the main theme behind the book is that if you believe you can obtain your dreams, or something like that. Anyhow.....I am truly believing in Polar's chances of making an International win this year. And besides, if he does make it, it just gives me a reason to put a Josh Groban song on the website. :-)

Oh.......the show report just posted for the Arcadia show from last weekend. Kokopellies Polar Express and Cooncreole Zhivago were Best Alter and Best Cat in show. Woohoo!!!

meow for now,