Friday, January 15, 2010

I finally got one!!

Well....if you do something long enough you're bound to run into all things possible. I guess the same applies to owning cats as well. If you have a large number of cats over your lifetime you're going to run into the whole spectrum of cat problems, both behavioral and health.

I have been quite lucky in my cat ownership. I have had my trials and tribulations with them but I was able to avoid one cat owner headache. The toilet paper cat. You all know what I'm talking about.

The toilet paper cat is the reason for the empty toilet paper holders in most cat owning households. There is one cat who, for some reason, likes to unroll it. They claw it, they chew on it, they unroll it.

PJ's new girlfriend likes paper. She chews on boxes, she mows down my kleenex, now she's going after the toilet paper. I guess I can't really complain. She is after my one and only in all these years. I'm just going to have to figure out something clever to do so I have something to use.

Since we are the subject of PJ and his girlfriend, Chocolat I'll use this time to give an update. They are still dating. They haven't moved up to consummating the relationship yet. My poor little man just can't quite figure it all out. However......this morning he did come a lot closer to his target than all during the week.

They will be honeymooning in Arcadia this weekend. I entered PJ and Polar and decided to bring her along to keep him company. We shall see what happens.

meow for now,

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Team Kokopellie

Well....let's hear it for Team Kokopellie. Last year we had the Fab Four. This year we have Team Kokopellie.

This past weekend was a fun one for Team Kokopellie. I went to the Lodi show with Czar Nicholas and Polar Express. We had a blast and brought home 18 finals. Also in attendance was Kokopellies Arctic Chill aka Chilly. He is owned by a junior exhibitor in the Mid Pacific region, Jorie Shepherd. Chilly is a handsome young man who just turned 8 months old and graduated from the kitten to cat class. Judge Fate Mays sees some potential in him as he awarded Chilly Best of Breed in his ring on Sunday out of 4 adult Siberians. Way to go Chilly!!

On the other side of the country, Kokopellies Anasazi Spirit, a black and white American Bobtail longhair, was competing in the TICA show in Milwaukee, WI. Annie brought home two finals at her show bringing the Team Kokopellie total to 20 for the weekend.

We love to see those Kokopellie cats all over the country showing.

The show was so much fun. Our friend Emmons will be celebrating a milestone birthday at the end of the month. He was a pretty good sport about all the extra cage decorations that made it on to his cage Friday night. And although I missed it, I hear that he had quite some trouble eating the special cake that was made for him.

I took lots of pictures and even some video this weekend. Once we figure out how to add videos to the website you'll see some of those popping up. Also once I edit the pictures down in size I'll be posting some of those as well.

So much fun!! I just love this hobby sometimes. :-)

On to Arcadia this weekend. Should be lots of fun.

meow for now,

Thursday, January 7, 2010

my little man grows up

I knew the day would eventually come. Jon and I had been discussing since PJ was 7 months old. Now he's almost two years old. The time has come. It's time for PJ to become a man. I went to Jon's last weekend to pick out a bride for PJ. We decided on sweet little Chocolat, Kokopellies Painted Cave. She's a chocolate classic and together with PJ we should get some beautiful American Bobtails. The whole litter should be chocolate in some degree or another. I'm already thinking of names, Nestle, Hershey, Godiva, etc....LOL.

Our biggest fear with breeding PJ was wondering if it would change him. Up until now he has been the perfect gentleman at my house. No spraying, no inappropriate behavior with the other cats. Of course, he hasn't had any undue influence. No other whole males, no intact females. Would introducing a girl change things? Well....I was going to find out. definitely changed him. How? My little PJ is no longer Momma's baby boy. :-(

Before Chocolat arrived, according to PJ, the sun rose and set on his Mom. He tucked me in bed every night with an eskimo kiss and cuddle. He woke me up every morning with an eskimo kiss and cuddle. On Sunday, after I got home, things changed. I housed Chocolat in the bathroom so she could get acquainted with the house. I was in my chair in the living room, PJ was stationed outside the bathroom door. He positioned himself so he could keep an eye on both his girls. I called him to come over for a hug. Just as he was on his way, Chocolat called from under the bathroom door. There poor PJ stood, looking at the bathroom door and then looking at me. Back and forth his little head went trying to decide which direction to go in. The pretty little chocolate paw that came out from under the door won. Momma was no longer number one in PJs heart.

When it came time for bed there was no tuck in. PJ stayed outside the bathroom door all night. I finally gave in at 2am and put them together. They stayed together all Monday while I was at work as well. And no.....anyone who is waiting for a cute little chocolate American Bobtail will still have to wait. We are starting the kitten clock countdown yet. You see.......PJ is still a virgin. He knows what his "special purpose" is for. He's not quite sure what to do with it. He's trying, just not accomplishing. I'm sure once she goes into heat things will change. :-)

On Monday when I came home from work I went to the bathroom and opened the door. PJ came running out. He was happy to see his Mom. I also decided to release Chocolat into the rest of the house.

I am always amazed at how easily Jon's cats transition into a household. Every cat I have brought home has just moved in without very little fan fare. I really didn't see a potential problem with Chocolat as she is about the sweetest little thing. Any cat who lets her receives a head butt. PJ is her new best friend. They hang out together. He follows her around like a little puppy. It's been pretty entertaining.

By Tuesday PJ remembered who his Mom was. I got the biggest hug and cuddle from him after dinner. Things have been back to normal ever since. PJ loves me. PJ loves Chocolat. Chocolat loves me. Chocolat likes PJ. Someday she'll love him and I'll be able to do a kitten announcement. Until then I have one more sweet American Bobtail roaming the halls of the house. Life can't get much better.........

meow for now,

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

Now that the holidays are over just wanted to take a few minutes and wish everyone a Happy New Year from the Kokopellie cats. And from us as well. :-)

2009 was quite the year for the Kokopellie American Bobtails & Siberians. We saw our dreams come true with 6 international wins, two Lifetime Achievement awards, multiple regional wins, including Frosty being named Best Cat in the Southwest Region. And the list goes on.

We consider ourselves very blessed to have these accomplishments. We realized, after some conversations with people in the showhall, that not everyone who shows is as lucky as we have been. There are some who have waited 15 years for a Supreme. We've been lucky to average at least one a season. Some haven't even won regional awards. Yet they keep on showing. Why? For the love of it. They love their cats and love to show them off to people. They love the camaraderie in the show hall and the friends that they have made over the years.

This is what showing should be about. The fun, the friendships, the cats. That's why we do it. Of course, the awards and wins are always welcome and greatly appreciated. They are the icing on the cake.

2010 will find the Kokopellie cats starting off the new year in Lodi, CA. January 8-10th Nicky and Polar will venture north to take on the best that TICA has to offer. Check back to see how they did and to see what kind of fun and mischief we got into in Lodi.

So here is wishing you a wonderful 2010. We hope that all your dreams come true.

meow for now,