Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Team Kokopellie

Well....let's hear it for Team Kokopellie. Last year we had the Fab Four. This year we have Team Kokopellie.

This past weekend was a fun one for Team Kokopellie. I went to the Lodi show with Czar Nicholas and Polar Express. We had a blast and brought home 18 finals. Also in attendance was Kokopellies Arctic Chill aka Chilly. He is owned by a junior exhibitor in the Mid Pacific region, Jorie Shepherd. Chilly is a handsome young man who just turned 8 months old and graduated from the kitten to cat class. Judge Fate Mays sees some potential in him as he awarded Chilly Best of Breed in his ring on Sunday out of 4 adult Siberians. Way to go Chilly!!

On the other side of the country, Kokopellies Anasazi Spirit, a black and white American Bobtail longhair, was competing in the TICA show in Milwaukee, WI. Annie brought home two finals at her show bringing the Team Kokopellie total to 20 for the weekend.

We love to see those Kokopellie cats all over the country showing.

The show was so much fun. Our friend Emmons will be celebrating a milestone birthday at the end of the month. He was a pretty good sport about all the extra cage decorations that made it on to his cage Friday night. And although I missed it, I hear that he had quite some trouble eating the special cake that was made for him.

I took lots of pictures and even some video this weekend. Once we figure out how to add videos to the website you'll see some of those popping up. Also once I edit the pictures down in size I'll be posting some of those as well.

So much fun!! I just love this hobby sometimes. :-)

On to Arcadia this weekend. Should be lots of fun.

meow for now,