Friday, January 15, 2010

I finally got one!!

Well....if you do something long enough you're bound to run into all things possible. I guess the same applies to owning cats as well. If you have a large number of cats over your lifetime you're going to run into the whole spectrum of cat problems, both behavioral and health.

I have been quite lucky in my cat ownership. I have had my trials and tribulations with them but I was able to avoid one cat owner headache. The toilet paper cat. You all know what I'm talking about.

The toilet paper cat is the reason for the empty toilet paper holders in most cat owning households. There is one cat who, for some reason, likes to unroll it. They claw it, they chew on it, they unroll it.

PJ's new girlfriend likes paper. She chews on boxes, she mows down my kleenex, now she's going after the toilet paper. I guess I can't really complain. She is after my one and only in all these years. I'm just going to have to figure out something clever to do so I have something to use.

Since we are the subject of PJ and his girlfriend, Chocolat I'll use this time to give an update. They are still dating. They haven't moved up to consummating the relationship yet. My poor little man just can't quite figure it all out. However......this morning he did come a lot closer to his target than all during the week.

They will be honeymooning in Arcadia this weekend. I entered PJ and Polar and decided to bring her along to keep him company. We shall see what happens.

meow for now,