Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Meowy Christmas to all

Well.....I just realized that I haven't updated in quite awhile. You've probably been sitting on the edges of your seats wondering what happened at the Arcadia and North Carolina shows. Both shows went fairly well.

We'll start with Jon and North Carolina. Before I even left work that Friday Nicky already had three finals including a Best Kitten. It was a nice way to start the weekend. All in all Nicky ended up with 14 finals including 5 Best Kitten awards. Overall he was the 3rd Best Kitten in show. There were over 54 kittens entered. Not too shabby. With all the stuff they gave out at the First in Flight show Jon needed a second suitcase to bring everything home. It was quite a haul.

Here on the California homefront went pretty well also. With four cats entered I believe we brought home 25 finals. Frosty got 9, Alexandra got 6, Sorbet got 5 and Polar got 5. Two or three of Frosty's finals were Best Cats. Again, not too shabby.

It was a good weekend filled with great cats, good friends and a good meal on Saturday night.

Now everyone is just kind of resting their paws during their mini vacation until the Lodi show. Nicky and Alexandra will be taking some time off as they have graduated from the kitten class. Most likely you'll just be seeing Polar and Frosty and maybe PJ out for the remainder of the show season. Honestly, Jon and I need a break. Running four cats in one show, especially cats that have been finaling has been pretty grueling. But it's been a fun kind of exhaustion.

Now we're gearing up for Christmas. The cats all hung their stockings this weekend. I already caught Polar and Finnegan, my Maine Coon, trying to peek inside to see if any early mice were left. Frosty and the girls went home on Sunday. I miss Frosty already. He is such a sweet cat. The upside is that we have our PJ back. Boy is he happy to be home with Momma. The cat won't leave me alone. All he wants to do is give eskimo kisses and hug me. Some of the other cats are looking a bit jealous.

Can't wait to see if he tries to help me make Christmas cookies. That ought to be fun.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas. Try to keep warm and enjoy yourselves.

Merry Christmas to all.

melissa and the furry herd
Jon and Jan Kokopellies American Bobtails & Siberians

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tucson show

Sorry for the delay in meowing. It's been really busy here. Came back from Monterey and only had a couple of days until leaving for Tucson. Jon was going to be picking up the boys on his way to Tucson so I had to have everything ready to go before I left for work on Friday. I would follow on Friday afternoon. Well......circumstances changed and I was able to get the whole day off on Friday so I was able to help show instead of showing up with only an hour or so left.

Tucson as always was great. We had 5 cats entered. Poor PJ didn't make any finals. :-( He's at that weird teenage stage right now. So.....between the other four cats we brought home 46 finals. Miss Sorbet was the surprise. She made 8 finals!! Not too shabby. Polar brought home 10 out of 18 and both Frosty and Nicky brought home 14 out of 18.

Frosty and Nicky each started the show with a Best and ended the show with a Best. We ended up with 10 bests between the 3 boys. Polar got 2, Frosty got 5 and Nicky got 3. It was a really great weekend.

Another fun thing that happened at the show. There were, in most of the cat and kitten finals, a Maine Coon, a Norwegian Forest Cat and a Siberian. In some cases, those were the top three. It was really nice to see the three related breeds next to each other. It really gave people a chance to see the actual physical differences in the breeds.

Dinner on Saturday and Sunday nights was great. It was spent in the company of good friends and good food. What more could you ask for?

We have one more show this weekend before we get a little break until after the first of the year. Jon and Nicky and our newest little man, Mufasa are in North Carolina. I'm in Arcadia with Polar, Frosty, Sorbet and Alexandra. Two Siberians, two American Bobtails. We have to keep things even. :-) We're hoping for great weekends on both coasts.

Good friends+great cats=one fun weekend!!

meow for now,

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Monterey Show.....Woohoo!!

So......who needs to fight thousands of people the Friday after Thanksgiving to go and spend money that you don't really have. I certainly didn't. Instead, I headed up the coast on a beautiful sunny California day to Monterey, CA. The East of Eden Cat Club was kind enough to throw together a show for us the weekend after Thanksgiving. Instead of spending money I didn't have I spent the weekend in the company of good friends, great cats and gorgeous weather. I even ate sushi and liked it. Go figure.

Now....the best part of the weekend........Nicholas finaled in 10 out of 10 rings and was Best Kitten in show. Polar finaled in 8 out of 10 rings and was Best Alter in Show. Frosty got 7 or 8 finals and PJ got his first 2 big boy finals. It was a great weekend. The other cats in competition were incredible. I even had some specatators approach who, after looking at the name on the cage said, "you're that ad in Cat Fancy". It was a fun weekend.

Can't wait for the next show.....oh wait, it's on Friday. :-) See you in Tucson.

meow for now,